SKAD Ltd. is based in Divnogorsk close to the Siberian metropolis Krasnoyarsk/Russia.

SKAD is a very young company. It would be founded in 2002 and started production in 2004. Today SKAD is one of the most important manufacturers of light alloy wheels in Russia. The capacity was increased permanently and reaches end of 2012 2.5 Mio. wheels.

The company possesses today about state-of-the-art production facilities. The melting machines, the X-Ray equipment, the heat-treatment as well as the painting machines exclusively are coming from Germany and Italy.

SKAD produces today wheels for the Automotive Industry as well as for the After-Market.

The standard sizes of wheels which are produced range between 13" and 20" and are painted in 14 different colors.

All products are produced in low-pressure casting. They are 100% x-rayed and will be tested according to the Russian and international standards before they will be shipped.

SKAD is ISO certificated (all certifications are made by TV-SD, Garching/Germany). Furthermore the TV-SD organization tested all the SKAD After-Market products and compiles approval certificates in order to get the ABE (General Wheel Approval) from the German "Kraftfahr-Bundesamt" (KBA).

Besides that SKAD has the IMetro certification for Brazil which is applied by the Brazilian authorities since the beginning of the year. In 2008 SKAD was awarded by the Ford Motor Company with the Q1-Award. That means that SKAD is today a first-priority supplier of Ford.

Environmental protection plays a major role in the SKAD Company. We are working with a closed recycling system and have installed an own Environmental Management. They are controlling very strictly the pollution in all areas and set on yearly base new and higher standards for a reduced pollution and a more efficient use of the resources.

Casting & Mechanical Plant SKAD Ltd.


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