Safety on the road depends on quality and reliability of your cars' components. Since the wheel is one of the most important components, SKAD produces its wheels with understanding of full responsibility for your safety and we are ready to guarantee it with proper certification.

Our company is certified in accordance with international ISO standards:

ISO 9001:2008 – standard is directed for results of QMS in carrying out consumer's requirements

ISO 14001:2004 – strict international ecological standard

ISO 16949:2009 – QMS standards for plants in automobile industry

Specific models passed independent certification tests of TUV SUD Automotive GmbH for KBA ABE approval which allows SKAD wheels to be sold and utilized in Europe and the United States.

Each wheel passes following quality tests:
• Chemical and spectral alloy analysis
• X-ray control for recognition of hidden defects
• Recognition of mechanical conditions level (testing for bend under torsion, testing wheel run-out
and unbalance, swing test, 13-30-90 degrees impact test)
• Leakage test
• Control of geometry parameters
• Testing for anticorrosion quality of wheels coating
• Analyzing micro and macro structures

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