The production of light alloy wheels consists of these steps:


-Mold Development




Such algorithm of processes is traditional for producing wheels by low pressure casting. In our factory, each step is always improving for superior results.

Every wheel design is produced in-house. The model line consists of classic designs together with progressive models.

In-house design development allows us to have a complete production line, from a 3D model to the final product.

Since SKAD is a full cycle production, our molds are also engineered and produced in-house. Before production, each mold is developed as a model.

3D modelling allows:

-To exclude all potential casting defects

-To achieve the most efficient and advanced wheel design

On the first stage, a unique alloy is formed. It differentiates from other alloys by strength, and lightness. That allows the wheel to have its unmatched characteristics.

Composition of our alloy is constantly being controlled.

Then, aluminium is put into the holding furnace of the casting machine, and then it fills the mold with liquid aluminium under low pressure. The whole process is fully automated. Casting machine control module provides accurate crystallization of the cast.

At this stage, the wheel is machined to get its defining characteristics – LZ, PCD, ET, DIA.
Our machining facility is fully automated and robotized.
Accuracy of such treatment assumes impeccable balance and absence of wheel run-out.

Our plant is equipped with the innovative robotized paint coating line, produced by EISENMANN.

High precision painting procedure, guaranties perfect coating and gives solid color with unique characteristics.

We use only the best coating components available from leading manufacturers. All these factors combined, gives us wheels with the best paint finish on the Russian market.

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