Each wheel we produce meets the strictest international quality standards. It affects all elements, from design to paint finishes. Having chosen our wheels, you can be sure that you and your family will be safe on the road.
Our wheels passed the TUV SUD Automotive GMBH examination. It means that quality of our product is recognized not only by our domestic customers, but also by the strictest automotive divisions in the world.

Precision of each element

Our production line is equipped to the highest standard to produce flawless wheels. Such systems never make mistakes.
Precision is outstanding: all products that descend from the conveyor have ideal geometry and perfect dynamic characteristics.

Environmental protection

We use modern systems of air and water filtration. Our approach excludes adverse effects on the environment.

SKAD – example of modern design

Our approach to the development of each wheel is very thorough. To create unique wheels, we involve a team of the best designers and engineers. We consider that it is the only way to design a perfect wheel.
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